Military Barracks Reuse

The public space is no longer bounded by the empty stage of buildings, characterized by a strong dualism public / private, but rather a space of relationship that is revealed on a local scale, multi-dimensionally: the basements of residential buildings, sidewalks and finally the roofs of buildings.
  • The 3 levels of loose space
50's - watching tv on the roof-top

50′s – watching tv as a social activity, rooftops as a loose space.


The private dimension is silently invaded. Not only the strong diffusion of communication via web has made possible a more intese interaction, consequently the public space form has changed. The space of the military barracks in this sense are a unique opportunity to express and convey this potential within the neighborhood.

 The project acts as an interface between highly flexible space and the needs of the district, especially at the architectural level, mediator between atypical functions and the consolidated city, at morphological level between monofunctional city and hidden necessity.

50's - having lunch on the rooftop

Flexible Activity Box: a multi-layered public space activity.

Detail of the housing building facade.

Detail of the building facade.

Year: 2013

Location: Rome

Credits: Luca Petricca