Fracta Domus Award

First Prize of the Fractadomus Award: “Atmosphere, perceptions of the visible/invisible”. The prize is called “Sail-Heart”, made by Riccardo Dalisi who in the 70’s, together with Ettore Sottsass, Alessandro Mendini, Andrea Branzi and others, he was co-founder of the Global Tools, an anti-school of Architecture and Design which was a frontier post for all those who were engaged in the avant-garde movement of the “Radical Architecture”.

The exhibition of works of artists, architects and designers, whose main theme has revealed the need to include the production of artifacts, pictures or architecture in a wider context: it is not just to build objects but we must be aware of the atmosphere we design.

We must be aware that many are the key factors of this exploration: aesthetics, economy, communication, design, art, technology and last but not least ethic.