Flexible Nest

schemi assonometrici lightThis scheme was conceived as refurbishment of a three level family house. The main concept is flexibility from the functional point of view: as internal moving partitions allowing the fast transformation of the rooms and as a flexible furniture system.



From the structural point of view the intervention aims to keep as it was the structural system composed of the two main longitudinal walls. The first floor has two big rooms (parents and children), a studio, two bathrooms and walkin-closets. The studio and children room can comunicate through flexible internal walls, expanding each room in case of need. The living area is on the upperfloor, a whole big room host both kitchen and living area in one space, separated by a fireplace which gives a strong sense of intimacy

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Date: Oct 2013

Credits: Elena Giancola. Fabrizio Lorenzetti, Federica Fiorentini.

Client: Private.