St Horto @Lanificio

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The project for the urban garden on the terrace of Lanificio 159 comes from the idea tocreate a perfect synergy between architecture, nature and social technologies.The concept comes to life from the observation of spinning methods, mechanical (woolen mill) and manual (or molten rock). These two elements have been reinterpreted and incorporated into our project and represented by wooden poles and ropes of white canvas. The triangular tanks that contain the real garden are obtained by the repetition of 3 types of modules which, combined together, generate endless compositions.


The architecture plays a fundamental role: the spaces asymmetric but proportionate, irregular but harmonics, creating tactile, unusual, olfactory and visual perspectives,designed to promote a complete experience suitable for children.



The garden is designed on three levels: architectural space that includes all the activities of the garden, educational place where children can become familiar with farming practices and technology, through the use of sensors and webcam will be possible to monitor in real time the growth of plants, adding value to the didactic aspect of the garden, at the same time the sensors installed constantly will give information on the state of the garden, data, images, sounds and even vibration of the wind in the garden can be captured and shared in real time with users of the restaurant.

 Year: 2013

Credits: Giacomarra Architecture, OFL Architecture, Joachim Mitchell, Nicola Corona, Alberto Serra, Felice Allevi.