Trajan’s Hollow

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Trajan’s Column is among one of the great monuments of Rome, documented by historians and archaeologists and viewed by tourists. Few would use the word “occupiable” to describe the column let alone “habitable.” Yet the column is much more than a vehicle for sculpture. The simple formula of an honorific column masks a building for that is what it is of some complexity, incorporation an entrance door, a vestibule, a chamber, a stair, windows and a balcony in the form of a capital.  Indeed,as a work of architecture in its own right, it has been imitated widely.” Marc Wilson Jones On the one hand, he shows the column as sculpture as narrative while on the other a feat of construction technology.  The gap between these two different understandings Trajan’s Hollow is the understanding of the interior space that renders this column not just sculpture or monument but as architectural experience.This work done at the American Academy in Rome, starts from this assumption and try to reinterpret the Column both as narrative and tectonic system through parametric design.

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 Credits: Produced at the Academy in Rome, Josh Stein- Radical Craft collaborating with:  Federico Giacomarra, Luca Petricca, Walker Smith Williams, Yujin Oh, Jarupa (Orm) Tachasirinugune, Kristie Huey